PickUp Patrol at a Glance

PickUp Patrol is a cloud-based web application that streamlines the dismissal process. It eliminates the need for notes and phone calls to make changes to students’ after-school plans.

Parents submit plan changes for their children on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. School office staff and administrators have a helpful dashboard for managing the entire process. Once a day, a list of changes is automatically sent to teachers, who then pass the information along to their students. Schools can customize the lists they need so everyone knows who’s going where. With a variety of protective features in place, it is safe and secure.

The traditional note and phone call system can be unsafe. Because notes get lost and calls can be difficult to track, errors and miscommunications cause unnecessary distress. PickUp Patrol automates the entire process, creating a worry-free dismissal process for the entire school community.
It’s a convenient alternative for parents who can make changes on-the-go, days, weeks, or even months in advance.
The automated system saves secretaries an average of 45 days in productivity each year, giving them an additional 9 weeks of time to spend on more meaningful tasks.
Principals and secretaries tell us that it greatly reduces stress and significantly calms the chaos of after-school dismissal time.
PickUp Patrol uses HTTPS and encryption to keep all sensitive data secure.
Email confirmations are sent to the parents every time a change is made to their child's after-school plan, assuring them that the change has been registered and proccessed.
Our system is hosted on Microsoft Azure, an industry leader in cloud-based computing.
PickUp Patrol won the Christopher Columbus Award in 2011 and was invited to the White House Science Fair in 2012.
In 2015, it was selected to participate in Accelerate NH, a startup accelerator program sponsored by Alpha Loft; won the Live Free & Start’s Ultimate NH Connection; and won the Seacoast NH Startup Competition.

I am excited to share that Pickup Patrol is working very well from our perspective. We are able to see the changes in children’s plans easily, the bus drivers receive printed lists of changes, Bow Youth Center staff quickly see who is not attending their program, etc., all without notes! It is much faster and reliable than the note system.

Kurt Geigler, Principal, Bow Elementary, NH

It truly resolved a huge problem that confronted our school on a daily basis. It made our lives and jobs much easier and it can do the same for any other school. PickUp Patrol truly makes our “pick-up” a “cake walk.” Give it a try—you will not be disappointed.

Gerard J. St. Amand. Principal, Clark-Wilkins Elementary, NH

It’s cut my time in half!

Cindy Leahy, Harwich Elementary, MA

It has given me more time in the mornings to perform other essential duties. It’s been a great time-saver for me, and for the parents as well. It’s a great tool.

Charlotte Jameson, Mont Vernon Village School, NH

I love the convenience of changing my pick-up plans the same day right from my phone, and knowing my child is safe after receiving the confirmation email gives me a lot of peace of mind.

Sue Krukowski, Parent, Dunbarton Elementary, NH

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