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It's Time For a Change

  • Schools process an average of 15,000 plan changes each year.
  • Secretaries sift through piles of notes and are bombarded with last-minute phone calls.
  • Your staff deserves the tools they need to work efficiently.

PickUp Patrol Can Help

Saves Time

Schools using PickUp Patrol save an average of 45 days in productivity every school year. That's nine weeks freed up for other, more meaningful tasks

Simple Setup

There’s no hardware to install and PickUp Patrol works with your existing Student Information System.

Safe & Secure

PickUp Patrol is packed with security features to keep your data safe. Email confirmations are sent to parents for each plan change made for their child. When questions arise, you will have access to a complete history of all updates.


PickUp Patrol has an annual subscription that adjusts to fit your school size. We also offer discounted district pricing.

Happy Parents

Parents enjoy the convenience of making plan changes from their computer or smartphone, and are confident knowing that their messages have been received.

Peace of Mind

PickUp Patrol reduces errors and student dismissal mishaps. You know your students are getting where they need to be.

Here’s what administrators are saying:

We make it simple

It's Time For a Change

  • All day long, parents call with last-minute changes to their student's dismissal plans.
  • Notes get lost, adding to the chaos of the dismissal process.
  • Astonishingly, an average of 20% of your day is spent maintaining a broken system.

PickUp Patrol Can Help

Saves Time

Schools process over 15,000 plan changes annually. PickUp Patrol can save you an average of 45 days a year!

Frees Up Your Phone Lines

Parents no longer have to call or write notes. They simply submit plan changes through the PickUp Patrol application.

Generates Lists Automatically

Plan changes are auto-compiled providing you with up-to-date lists for the car line, buses, and more.

Simple Setup

PickUp Patrol works with your existing Student Information System. We help you get things up and running quickly!

Easy To Learn

Not tech savvy? No worries. PickUp Patrol is easy to use, and it’s a snap for parents as well. No training is needed.

Peace of Mind

PickUp Patrol reduces errors and when a question arises, you'll have a full view of each student’s dismissal plan.

Here’s what school secretaries are saying:


It's Time For a Change

  • The bus just left and you forgot to write a note.
  • Your children are so busy, you're writing notes almost every day.
  • Last-minute plan changes require constant calls to the school.
  • Notes have a habit of getting lost at the bottom of backpacks.

PickUp Patrol Can Help


Simply submit changes from your computer or mobile device—anytime, anywhere.


PickUp Patrol lets you make plan changes days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Safe & Secure

Receive a confirmation email whenever a plan change is made for your child.

Here’s what parents are saying:

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